Gatso Speed Camera

The Gatso Speed camera is the most popular choice for police forces and local authorities across the UK. The Dutch company Gatsometer B.V. supplies the speed camera equipment and has been using this radar since 1971. The Gatso which uses radar technology (radar type 24), is used for fixed speed cameras, in-car mobile units, in a trailer on tripods or from a moving vehicles.

How does it work?

Gatso speed cameras are most often found in fixed positions by the roadside on poles.Fixed installation Gatso cameras are rear facing as they use a flash to photograph the vehicle. They do not flash the front of a vehicle because this would blind the oncoming driver.
On the inside of a Gatso Speed camera is a mechanism to measure the speed. This is a kind of radio wave. This radar determines how fast a car is moving.

If this radio wave directed to a road without cars you would see a standard jet with waves. If now a car to drive to the radar waves that reflect (echo). This echo is received back by the radar so that it can calculate the speed. In order to identify vehicles and license plates correctly under all circumstances, the Gatso Speed camera is fitted with more than one flash system. This all happened in less than half a second.

The fixed Gatso camera has the ability to take up to 800 pictures.
Gatso speed cameras can also identify between cars/vans and HGVs separately. For example, if the speed limit was 60mph for cars/vans and 40mph for HGVs the camera will enforce the two separate limits.
It is common for fixed Gatso Speed Cameras to be positioned so they can be turned around to check both sides of the road - but only one direction at a time.

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