SPECS Speed Cameras

SPECS Speed CamerasSPECS is an average speed measuring speed camera system. This system is equiped with a video system with Automatic Number Plate Reading (ANPR). The system normally consisting of a minimum of two cameras each fitted with infra red illuminators to allow them to work 24hrs 7days a week. They are generally mounted on gantries above the road (front or rear-facing orientation) to allow multiple lanes covered.

How does it work?

The numberplate of a vehicle is read as it passes a camera. It is then read again digitally by a separate camera further along the road. If the average speed is over a certain level above the allowed speed, the numberplate, speed and images are logged and a speeding ticket can be automatically issued.

This information can then be relayed by transmitting to a central office via fibre optic cables or digital recorded on discs stored in cabinets at the roadside. Which can be collected and changed, by police or speed check staff.
Truvelo cameras are becoming increasingly more commonplace.

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Speed cameras for Italy
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