Speedcams installation manual for Navman

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Select the countries you would like to have the speedcams from. Press after this on the button "download".

You will see the following screen:
download Speedcam File

Press now on save to store the file on a tempory place on your computer.
When you have downloaded the zip file and store this somewhere on your computer, you need to extract this before you can use the speedcam files for the NavMan. To extract the files you can user the program winzip or the free program 7-Zip.

In our example we use 7-Zip.

We will now open the zip file using the application 7-Zip and extract the contents to s tempory directory. You will get the following screen:

Uitpakken flitspaal bestand met 7-Zip

When you press "extract" the following screen will be shown where you can choose to temporaly store the files. Those files will be lateron picked up bu the POIEditor application of NavMan.

The downloaded speedcams

Start the program SmartST from Navman (Installation according the NavMan manual)

Load SmartST POIEditor to load speedcams

This will run the POIEditor of Navman

In the poieditor use file open text file and load the speedcam file

Load SPeedcams in POIEdit

Select the icon to store the file to your PDA. The following screen becomes available.

Make the correct speedcam Settings to this group

Select the correct Icon file so that you will see a nice picture on the navigating map. You can also select other items you like Visual Alert.
After pressing ok you will be asked for a POI File Name (see below)

Select the speedcam filename you would like to have

Fill in a name and press ok.
Repeat the above steps for all the POI files that are available in your extracted zip.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Speedcams EU.

Speedcam offer

Speed cameras for Italy
For just 9.95 euro a year you can download the latest speed cameras locations for your navigation system.

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