Speedcams installation manual for Nissan Connect

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Download the correct data and go to:

Select the countries you would like to have the speedcams from. Press after this on the button "download".

  1. Download this zip file to a tempory location.
  2. Extract the zip file using 7-zip or winzip or just Windows 7.
  3. Copy this extracted file to an USB stick into the directory "MyPOIs\MyPoiWarnings"
  4. Connect USB stick to your navigation device and go to menu POIs/Custom POIs. It will indicate new POI files automatically. Push Download button to install our speedcam database in your Nissan Connect.
    Note: It will overwrite older Ccustom POI files in internal memory of your Nissan Connect!

Speedcam offer

Speed cameras for United Kingdom
For just 9.95 euro a year you can download the latest speed cameras locations for your navigation system.

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