Speedcams installation manual for Sygic mobile

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How to convert files to RUPI format

  1. Download the convertor from here.
  2. Launch the convertor on your PC.
  3. Click Browse Files to browse the directiories.
  4. Convertor will automatically search the directory in which is placed.
  5. Select .txt files that you want to convert.
  6. Run the conversion to convert the files to RUPI format.

Import POIs on Android smartphones

  1. Copy .upi/.rupi and .bmp files directly into Sygic/Maps/import. Do not copy folders. 
    If you don't have an import folder then create it. Please note that points of interest must be imported for each country separately.
  2. Launch Sygic GPS navigation.
  3. A wizard for import of custom POI will open after launch.

Import POIs on iPhone / iPad (iOS)

  1. Launch iTunes on your Mac/PC. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac/PC.
  2. Click on your iPhone/iPad and go to the Apps tab.
  3. Choose Sygic in "File Sharing".
  4. Drag and drop .upi/.rupi and .bmp files directly into Sygic.
    Do not drag and drop folders.
  5. Sync your iPhone / iPad with iTunes.
  6. If Sygic is running on your iPhone/iPad, close it.
  7. Launch Sygic on your iPhone/iPad.
  8. A dialog for import of custom POI will open and your are done.

Speedcam offer

Speed cameras for Netherlands
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